Video Marketing Tips: Think Simple

A lot of enterprise SaaS product-driven companies make products sound far more complicated than they actually are. Don’t make the same mistake.

Their thinking: This indecipherable deluge of details somehow legitimizes me in the space.

The result: A confused target customer.

During a Blake Media video marketing consultation, the first thing we do is focus your message. Upfront simplicity and verified success stories are the best ways to cut through the digital clutter. Video is the way to do this. Videos move the needle.

The key questions that videos address are:

  • What does my product actually do?
  • Why does a customer need this product?
  • How will this save a customer money?
  • In the case of competitors or smaller players, why pivot from a larger company that I already know and trust?

So, how do you get started with video?

It doesn’t have to be a high-budget or months-long affair. In a matter of weeks, you can build some simple, high-quality content that will boost your company to an advantageous position in the market. Here are some examples:

1. Demo

A simple demo is the best appetizer. You can start with a short description of the product and its purpose: How does it actually improve your customer’s life? What are its benefits? This is best done on-camera and can often incorporate slides. You can follow that with a screen recording of your interface. The editor will then incorporate simple animations: highlights, arrow and text-bars, and well-timed transitions to break the pace. See a recent example we produced here.

2. Snackable Insights

These are proof points in motion. Consider a 1-2 minute interview with a subject matter expert (think engineers instead of a polished marketing team). These work best if pegged to a news event, product update, or innovation in the sector.

3. Kinetic Video

To populate your social feed you can produce short, kinetic text animations with quotes from happy customers. These can also include simple phrases that explain your value propositions. Common value props include: simplicity of migration, security and compliance, no hidden costs or confusion, fair prices. These concepts can be calibrated to your specific business and target audience.

“Videos move the needle”

Ready to get started? Contact Blake Media for more tips.

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